Bruhin Music Spot

    Lyrics: Bruno Rigassi

Well you see that new shop/: stand' on the way
Right in town it stands on the way, that brand new shop stands on the way
Signed"Bruhin music", won't you come on in. :/

Well on my map it leads me to Switzerland
Little southwards from Basel, that's where I stand
Looking right in the window, what do I see?
It's Suhr, Argovia, where I like to be.

In the morning overhere, round eight o'clock
The blinds be unblinded, and the boss is ok
He smiles at work at all kinds of guest
Grat God almighty, he does his best
Cant' you see that new shop /:...................

Well, on goin' in there is a bell in ring
You are announced and welcome to the music inn
There is (a) smiling trumpet and (a) silent flute
All instruments standing in line so cute.

Calling for music Shall it be on the trumpet
Calling for sound Won't you blow the horn
Calling for more Get it whistled on the flute
Calling loud May-be the beating drum

Come on, you buy over here, get repaired over there
Everything is well settled in his clientele's care.
Brother Bruhin sais"yes"and you feel glad,
The service is done and the price is fair.
Can't you see that new shop /:..........



Lieber Gregor, unser oft gemeinsam gesungenen Negro Spiritual
"Blind Barnabus" habe ich Dir passend zu Deiner Geschäftseröffnung
umgetextet und neu eingesungen.
Damit verbinde ich meine besten Wünsche für viel Erfolg in Deinem
künftigen Geschäft.

Dein Musikfreund
Bruno Rigassi

Bruno Rigassi